• Welcome to WCF
    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as women &
    children Foundation Ltd, a corporate health care
    public limited.
  • Maternal care
    Health of women during pregnancy, childbirth
    and the postpartum period, Motherhood.
  • Mother Baby Package
    It reduces the maternal death and maternal
    risks which are rising due to Nutritional
We are growing

We are immense pleasure to say that we are completely relocating our hospital to a newly focused, attractive superstructure with highly sophisticated facilities at villivakkam, please come and visit and get more benefies and feel like homely heaven hospital.

Quality control Policy

Our organisation functions under a unique concept known as "ZHAGARAM" which is an independent quality control enterpise which ensure our customers to lead a healthy and wealthy life. They are prevention, Quality Health Policy, Equitable, Affordable, Financial, Transparency, Accountabality, Women Empowerment in community.


Having a Child can mean many things to a family/mother. There are several couples who have difficulties in conceiving. Our gift package provides excellent medical and psychological support to such couples to help them conceive.

Maternal facilities

Although our primary focus is maternity services, we also cater to multi speciality needs of our customers. Kindly choose from the options here to explore the various facilities and services we offer to our customers.

Sleep Tight Right

Avoid sleeping on your back as the added weight can be harmful for your back muscles and spinal cord. Try to sleep on your left side, as it would ensure adequate oxygen supply to your fetus. Listening to mellifluous music or reading a nice book will make sure that you have a trouble-free sleep.Sweet dreams!

Eat Healthy

Remember to eat healthy always. Make sure your meals are balanced and nutritious. Avoid uncooked food, even salads, and ensure that your food is hygienic. If you have a sensitive stomach, avoid eating outdoors. Constipation is very common during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber - laden food such as whole - wheat or multi grain breads.

Beauty Care

Mums - in - the - making will find that there are changes in their skin brought about by changes in their hormone levels An effective skin- care regimen will help to maintain a beautiful and glowing skin. Avoid products with harsh chemicals such as AHAs and Glycolic acids. Make sure you drink plenty of water and never forget your sunscreen

Welcome to WCF Hospitals

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Women & Children Foundation Ltd, a corporate health care public limited company with the purpose of providing health care services of International standards at affordable and equitable costs.

Maternal Care

Health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, Motherhood, for too many women it is associated with suffering, ill-health and death. Hemorrhage, infection, HBP, unsafe abortion and obstructed labor still are major direct causes of maternal morbidity and a mortality.Goals of preconception care can include providing education, health promotion, screening and interventions for women of reproductive age to reduce risk factors that might affect future pregnancies include providing education,health promotion,

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Quality Termination Care

We suggest the best way to Have a Miscarriage at Home Fast and safe up to 7-8 weeks pregnancy. You can Have a Miscarriage much safer than the abortion pill. Women have been doing this for more than 50 years and works 100%. The same way women use to give a safely, quickly and effectively terminate early pregnancy.

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Transgender Surgery

Latest Technology

At WCF Hospitals, we go above and beyond to help you have a satisfied, healthier not only for maternity and child.

We also take special care and provide intensive facilities for Men, Children, General Surgeries and Infertility etc., Acknowledging that even the tiniest information can make a big distinction in your experience we are extremely pleased to provide a wide range of unique services and sources like Birthing Center Facility Tours, Simplified Registration, Open Visiting Hours, Essential Touch Wellness Center and Boutique.

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"Becoming a parent Is the moment when all of life's battles suddenly seem worth fighting for.."

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