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Packages For Men

Back Pain Package

Back pain is ranked second to headaches as the most frequent location of pain. Four out of five adults will experience at least one bout of back pain at some time in their lives. It is almost next to common colds in the list of common diseases. The most common site for pain is the lower back because it bears the brunt of our weight and hence is more prone to get affected. Back ache is more prevalent between the age of 35 and 55.

The most frequent causes of back pain are:

• Heavy physical work

• Frequent bending, twisting, lifting

• Pulling and pushing

• Repetitive work

• Static postures

• Vibrations

• Stress, Distress, Anxiety, Depression

• Cognitive dysfunction

• Pain threshold

• Job dissatisfaction

• Mental stress at work

Back pain may be sudden and sharp or it may be dull and if persistent for more than a week it might result in tension, soreness or stiffness of back muscles. Pain may aggravate with slightest of movement or even with coughing and sneezing. It may also be accompanied with numbness and tingling in the arms or legs. Our back pain package includes several facilities and services which helps the customer to deal with this frustrating medical issue without worrying about the end cost.

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Red Rose Pacakge

This package is meant for sexual problems between couples or even individual sexual problems both on medical and psychological level.

Package Includes:

• Medical consultation

• Psychological consultation

• Routine lab investigations

• 3 Counselling sessions (If needed)

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