Our Principle

Our organisation functions under a unique concept known as "ZHAGARAM" which is an independent quality control enterprise which ensures our customers to lead a healthy and wealthy life. In a nutshell our zhagaram concept aims to raise the standards of our services and make it equitable, affordable and free at the point of delivery for our customers. This is achieved by following the 7 pillars of our zhagaram concept as follows:


Prevention in Tamil is "Varumun Kaappom". Proactive Health Care is the key aspect here. The idea is to provide social insurance to prevent oneself from ill health. All our Packages are based on this idea.

Quality Health Policy

We strive to follow the following protocols to ensure quality service:

I. Provide standard protocol.

II. Registered medical and nursing staff.

III. Qualified technical staff.

IV. Customer friendly environment.

V. Responsible customer care.

VI. 24x7 ambulance

VII. 24x7 pharmacy

VIII. 24x7 doctors


All humans are equal. This is our motto and we strive to provide unique / equal treatment of high standard services for everyone who comes to us irrespective of any social/economic/other boundaries/restrictions. No difference should be shown between any two individual.


By making our services affordable we intend to break the social-economic barrier of our community. We achieve this by ensuring that cost of our services

I. Are within ones financial means.

II. Are within the person's monthly family income.

III. Can be paid for through easy monthly installments

IV. Can be paid for according to the individuals' convenience i.e., card, cash, cheque or DD

Financial Transparency

We're a public limited company and ensure our very best to maintain financial transparency among our customers. We achieve this by maintaining the following:

I. We have a fixed package system.

II. All our costs are fixed.

III. We provide prepaid schemes for customers.

IV. Free of mind at the time of delivery i.e., free @ point of delivery.

V. No middlemen or mediators.


Here at WCF we strongly believe that customers are of the highest importance and they have the right to information from us and can ask questions to clarify their queries and we are accountable to our customers. Benefits of being our customer are:

I. Customer has the rights to ask questions.

II. Complain at anytime.

III. Complaint or suggestion box available at booking desk and in each and every floor.

IV. Suggestions are welcomed

V. Complaints are registered and reverted to the customer with the actions taken.

VI. We are answerable for any negligence.

Women Empowerment in Community

Being a maternity specialty hospital, our primary focus is to empower women by respecting them and giving them the freedom and luxury of choice in availing our services. We achieve this

I. Women centred health care policy

II. Women to understand and to make her home and society healthy.

III. A healthy disease free famil

IV. Helps themselves to decide on which package to join

V. Power to women