Terms and Conditions

1. There is a registration fee of Rs. 300/- for all packages except where it's not mentioned.

2. If the customer decides to leave the package at any time for their own reasons, no refund will be made by the management.

3. Patients who are in Pearl MBP MUST have all their previous reports, scans, etc.

4. The cost of any extra lab investigations, scans (other than the one free scan) for patients in Pearl MBP will be borne by the customer

5. NOne of the packages include blood transfusions and Anti-D injections.

6. Package accommodation duration is BEGINS FROM THE DATE OF ADMISSION.

7. Cost of accommodation that is beyond the package duration will be borne by the customer.

8. Our establishment focuses primarily in conducting normal mode of delivery failing which Caesarean will be opted for.

9. Choosing delivery mode or specific delivery time is entirely dependent on the customer and mother and baby's medical condition.

10. The management cannot assure specific requested time of delivery in case of medical complications that may affect either the customer or baby in which case no refund will be made by the management.

11. Epidural (Painless) package cost is NOT included in Pearl & Gold MBP and if the customer chooses to have epidural injection, they should pay the appropriate cost for that pacakge.

12. Customers in Pearl & Gold MBP can choose to have Epidural (Painless) delivery for a nominal cost (Rs. 7777/-).

13. The cost of any separate special/specific investigations prescribed by the consultant will be borne by the customer and is not included in the package cost

14. Any damages caused by the customer or their attender to the hospital premise/equipments will be borne by the customer.

15. Customers in Pearl & Gold MBP can choose private (or) AC rooms for a nominal extra cost which will have to be paid in addition to the package cost.

16. Accommodation rooms are subject to availability and no compensations will be made in the package cost if expected rooms are unavailable.

17. Customers are expected to treat and behave respectfully to the staffs and any form of harassment towards our staffs will be dealt with accordingly.

18. Customers are expected NOT to cause any unwanted disturbance to other customers (Eg, Overcrowding during non-visiting hours).

19. Only ONE attender is allowed to stay with each customer.

20. If the management receives complaints about more than one attender staying with the customer during non-visiting hours, an inconvenience charge of Rs.500/- per extra person will be levied on the customer's account and must be paid before discharge.

21. Customers are requested to provide accurate and clear information about themselves where it is mandatory in order to avoid future inconvenience.

22. Collecting the new born child's birth certificate from Chennai Corporation is the responsibility of the parents.

23. If there are any corrections to the birth certificate details, the parents should contact the relevant department in Corporation within 30 days of receiving the birth certificate.

24. Customer records WILL NOT be disclosed to anyone other than the customer without the customer's consent unless and otherwise it is legally necessary and the required paperwork has been submitted by the requesting authority.